March Madness!

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Snow Time

Yesterday I was able to head to town wearing just a vest for my outer layer. Of course I packed a warmer jacket in the truck just in case Mother Nature wanted to fool me but she didn’t. I even washed my truck to tempt fate. Well, maybe her timing was off because I woke up to a beautiful spring snow storm!

Rocky Mountain Spring

We can enjoy this fickleness in weather as we haven’t started to calve yet. I spoke with a neighbor yesterday who’s cows and heifers began calving in February, which is typically one of our drier and warmer “winter” months. However, we all know things don’t always go as planned and this year January would have been a better match…. perhaps there would have been fewer frozen tails and ears!

We are grateful for the snow and while many parts of the state are drier than normal, we are at 90% of average in our drainage area. If we continue to get these storms then there should be adequate water to fill the ponds and reservoirs. Hard to believe that in about 6 weeks we will be receiving our yearling cattle from California. The cycle repeats itself….


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