Rainbows Aren’t Uncommon!

Temperatures are usually always cool at night and in the morning; warm during the day in the summer, often 80-90. Thunderstorms produce cool temperatures.

Considerations When Planning Your Visit: Riding with the yearling cattle begins in the latter part of May each year. We sell the cattle at some point during the early part of summer and typically start delivering them to the buyer around the first part of August. We ship them according to the target weight negotiated in the contract.This entails sorting them according to their size, usually ten days to two weeks before shipping. We then ship at intervals to meet the desired weight criteria. For those interested in riding when we have the greatest number of cattle, the best time to visit is between the end of May and first part of September. We have cattle year round but the greater number of yearling cattle is during this block of time. From mid-August to the end of September,  the riding is a blend of  cattle work, back-riding pastures looking for strays and scenic riding.

What to Bring
Dress is casual and functional; layers of clothing practical for the potential wide range of temperatures. Other items to bring:

  • Hats (must have a string) or caps;
  • Cowboy boots are best, slick soled shoes or boots will work
  • Gloves for warmth and protection;
  • Rainwear- saddle rainwear or dusters are best, waterproof jackets are ok, no ponchos allowed on horseback;
  • Accessories- sunscreen, lip balm, film.

Kids Ride Too!

Horseback Riding
Age- Children are allowed to ride independently based on level of maturity rather than age. Youngest can be around 5;
Wt. Limit-regardless of age- in order not to have riding restrictions, riders need to be carrying weight in proportion to their height and not fall into the category of out of shape and over weight. Generally 225 lbs. is the maximum. Please inquire.

Fly fishing-catch and release. Licenses are required for CO and WY or both and can be obtained in route to the ranch or after getting here. We provide basic and minimal equipment. Please notify us in advance if you would like to fish so we can plan for this.

Don’t Forget Your Swim Trunks!

Medical Services
A health clinic with a physician assistant and EMT staffed ambulance service is within 30 miles. Ambulance service to 2 area hospitals and medical airlift is available. Most of the  staff certified in First Aid and CPR.

Facilities are available but guests encouraged to bring enough clothes to last a week.

Phones, Cell Phones and WiFi
We do have a phone in the Ranch House for guests to make calling card or collect calls. Cell phones usually do not work at the ranch location but might a short drive up the road, on the bridge, on the mesa…services vary! WiFi connection available in the Ranch House and some of the cabins.

End of the Day

Bring your own. We do provide setups. Liquor stores are open in Colorado and Wyoming on Sunday.

Staff is available during their regular work hours. After hours necessitates an additional charge.

Encampment /Saratoga ,WY- scenic drive to old mining town, great museum; hot springs in Saratoga and the historic Wolf Hotel

Steamboat Springs, CO- great shopping, dining and golf; pro- rodeo every weekend starting in late June thru Labor Day, white water activities available, hot air balloons

Savery, WY- short drives to the local valley museum-guests love this one!