Judy Riding Scout

Judy Riding Scout

We hire a staff of about 9, many college students or college graduates. We strive to hire individuals who are: seeking a non-mainstream work experience; willing to wear many hats during their employment; able to work well with others and able to take direction but also know when to take the initiative. We want our employees to enjoy the outdoors and nature. We want them to value spending a work season here and have it generate wonderful memories-perhaps feeling it was hard work but a great experience.  We do want our staff to  contribute in a positive way to showing the guests true western hospitality. A ready smile is an asset in our business.

We expect excellence both indoors and out on the trail, both on and off the horse, with or without guests. We want the facilities to be kept commendably clean, meals and service outstanding, riding and other ranch activities conducted with professional care and employee-guest relations to be top-notch.



Climbing Sheep Mountain

Climbing Sheep Mountain

A Few Ranch Rules:

1.All positions require the applicant to be 18 years of age or older and in good health.

2.Most positions start in early May and the ending dates may vary from late August to mid-October.

3.All positions are over 40 hours per week.

4.Room and Board are provided. Housing is modest but comfortable. Some employees will have private rooms and others will share semi-private rooms. All rooms have their own bathrooms. Staff are expected to keep rooms clean and picked-up. Rooms are to be returned to their original state upon departure.

5.Drug use is not allowed on the premises.

6. No drinking if under 21 years of age. If 21 or over, it is illegal to provide alcohol to anyone not of legal age to drink.

7.Staff may not drink, smoke, chew or use inappropriate (bad) language with guests present.

8.Staff may not smoke in their rooms or indoors. Designated smoking areas for employees will be decided as needed and must be discreet.

8. Romantic involvement between staff and guests is not allowed.

9. Staff are not permitted in guest’s accommodations and guests are not permitted in staff accommodations.

10. No ranch horses, vehicles, ranch equipment, tools or supplies are to be used for personal use unless permission is first obtained from the employers.

11. Meals are served family style at set times. The kitchen crew is scheduled to work in the kitchen to prepare, serve and clean-up afterwards. The kitchen is off-limits at other times and no one is allowed to help themselves to food in between meal times. The staff quarters has a refrigerator and staff are allowed to keep their personal snacks that they furnish for themselves, in this refrigerator.

12. No ear bud devices or use of cell phones when guests are present. We want them to feel free to talk to you rather than feel they are disturbing you.

13. No pets.

Appearance and Dress: A neat, well groomed appearance is expected. No visible tattoos, body piercings (except ears) or unusual hair colors (green, pink etc.) Be reasonable-this is a western guest ranch and the expectations are tailored to this demographic. Men may keep a beard if they come with one but may not grow one while here. No halter tops, spaghetti straps, baggy jeans, holes in jeans, low cut jeans that are un-becoming while working. No shorts while working or in presence of guests. When on the job, work attire must be worn- not clothing to enhance a suntan. Long hair needs to be secured when working, especially in the kitchen. In the kitchen, staff will wear aprons and take them off when leaving.Wranglers and other staff riders will wear western boots or smooth soled boots if only occasionally riding.

Mom and Calf

Mom and Calf

 Benefits: All positions include a monthly salary, bonus, room and board. Salary is determined based on experience. Most positions include one and one-half days off per week. Some positions include tips. Immediate family can visit at half the regular guest rate with advance notice. Laundry facility available at no cost. Wi-Fi service available.


Position Descriptions:


1. Prepares 3 meals per day for staff and guests

2. Meals are home-cooked with fresh breads, desserts, vegetables

3. Meals are served buffet style

4. Meal times are: 7:30 am, 12:30 pm and 6:30 pm

5. Menu and recipes are available as well as some on- site training

6. Guest personnel assist the cook

7. Manages kitchen and maintains Health Dept. standards

8. 1 ½ days off per week

9. Cook must be self motivated and highly organized as well as able to give direction to



Don't Forget Your Suit!

Don’t Forget Your Suit!

Ranch and Guest Personnel:

1. Overall responsibility for tending to the needs of the guests during their stay

2. Clean guests’ rooms daily, set tables, serve meals, wash dishes, assist the cook, laundry

3.If qualified to ride, will help with cattle work as needed and assist wrangler with horses and riders; occasionally help doctor livestock. Ranch and Guest personnel as a rule ride the most in May, June and September but there are other times when their assistance is needed. Employees are also welcome to ride on their days off unless there is a shortage of horses. 

4. Perform ranch maintenance, such as painting, repair work,

5. Outside work includes yard and garden maintenance

6. Occasional child care and periodic leader of kids’ activities

7. Feed barnyard animals and involve guests in participating in this activity.

8. CPR and First Aid certification required

  A typical day starts around 6:45 a.m. The structure of the day depends on the time of the season or how many guests are at the ranch. Early and late in the season (May and most of June; September) there are fewer guests so the work day is spent usually with cattle activities, grounds maintenance, spring cleaning and various ranch projects. Often the days are a combination of these activities. Usually there is some time off before you are due back to help prepare for dinner. After dinner dishes, you are off for the evening. If the  week is busy with guests (mostly July and August), more time is given off in the afternoon as it takes longer to do dishes and evening chores.


1. Day starts before breakfast as you must have the horses wrangled, into the corral,

Herding Cattle

Herding Cattle

   grained & brushed before breakfast

2. Responsible for saddling horses and taking guests out on rides

3. Must teach guests how to ride if indicated.

4. If knowledgeable about cattle, need to instruct guests how to move cattle from “point  A to point B”

5. Assist with livestock management or be willing to learn this

6. Assist with doctoring livestock

7. Maintain cleanliness of barn

8. Responsible for care of saddles, bridles etc

9. Keep daily log of activities

10. Assistance with cattle and training are provided when indicated

11. CPR and First Aid certification required

12. Includes 1 day off per week, usually Sundays

Ranch Mechanic and Maintenance:   

1.Works about 45 hours per week.

2. Responsible for routine service and repair of ranch vehicles and equipment: pick-ups; atv’s; tractors; hay equipment etc.

Ned & Catch

Ned & Catch

3. General ranch maintenance and repair if skills permit

4. Assist with livestock if skills permit

5. Maintain shop and equipment in organized and operating order

6.    Perform duties adhering to safety standards appropriate to tasks at hand

7. 1 ½ days off per week


 Additional Information:  Since we hire based on your application and the information given, please include anything that might distinguish you from other applicants. You are encouraged to enclose a personal note and to use this as a way of introducing yourself to us! We are also available for a personal interview if you are ever in this area. If you accept a job at Focus Ranch, it is assumed you have read and accepted the ranch rules.

Employment Application

Complete the Application Online  or download, print and mail

Focus Ranch Employee Application (PDF) |  Focus Ranch Employee Application-2-16

Email (preferred)  completed application to:  roundup@focusranch.com

OR mail to: Focus Ranch  ……….. 74320 Routt County Rd. 129  ………… Slater, CO 81653