Horseback Riding

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles love bringing kids to Focus Ranch as it offers an uncomplicated fun vacation with the added benefit of a little education. The horseback riding generates the most enthusiasm. The wranglers teach care of the horse and supervise while hands-on learning occurs in the corral. Safety is a priority. We determine the appropriate age to ride based on a child’s maturity level rather than age. To be able to ride outside of the corral and in control of their own horse, the child must demonstrate the ability to follow directions, pay attention, and hold the reins without dropping them.

Children generally ride separate from adults but if their skill level is appropriate, they can go on the more advanced rides. If desired, adults may also accompany the children. It appears every age loves riding to work cattle but we sometimes take a break from the work to play games on horseback in the front pasture.

Other Entertainment:

Hiking in the Wilderness

We hire individuals who come with skills to fill the many “hats” worn as an employee at Focus Ranch. One of the most popular “hats” is ranch counselor….organizing and entertaining the kids when off the horse. This may include anything from art work, fishing, building dams in the ditch, horseshoe competitions, nature walks, mountain climbing, swimming activities, mini classes such as weaving a basket…to name a few! We pride ourselves in knowing that the adults will not hear the phrase: “there is nothing to do”.


What a few of the young cow hands have to say about their stay at Focus:

Feeding the Lambs

Brian: “I had a fun time at the Ranch. I loved riding horses, my favorite was Blue. I like [to]walk, trot and cantering. It was more fun than Disney Land.”

David: “I liked the Pop Shop, the lambs, the horses and the riding. I loved the horses, especially George I and George II. I had a really good time.”

Megan: “I liked the horses, the sheep, watching Dingbat get milked, feeding Lucky and the lambs…”

Nolan: “[What] I liked about the ranch was when she milked the cow and it ate while she did it. I liked about the ranch was we got four cattle and a bull. We got to feed the cats, cows, sheep and pigs. It was really fun.”

Justin: “Dear Mo and Terry, I really liked feeding the lambs and riding the horses. I also liked having a cold coke a cola. Me and Matt would play ping pong when we wanted to. It was really fun to be here. We’ll be back next year.”