Spring Time And Cattle

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Spring Time At Focus Ranch

Cattle on the Mesa

The Makings of a Cattle Roundup: By the middle of May, we will have received our yearling cattle from their winter pasture.  Typically, we have about 1200 head of spayed heifers on pasture in central California. The cattle will be trucked here when we have grass to support them, usually mid-May.

In the springtime when the cattle arrive we work them, which means they are: vaccinated, fly tagged, wormed, some are branded and various other procedures tailored to the individual needs of each animal.

After the cattle arrive and are worked, they are trailed from the corrals to the mesa. This process is repeated several times as the receiving and working of cattle occurs over several days.

In the last week of May we will begin trailing cattle to the forest pastures. We are gathering and moving 1200 head of cattle in several groups and must use the horse effectively to get the job done and work together with the other riders. The additional challenge comes with moving yearlings (young untrained cattle) through gates, across water to a trail where they have never been and pretty sure they do not want to go! Every year is different because the cattle are never the same.

Gathering To Change Pastures

Once we complete this transition from the mesa to the forest, and it usually takes 2-3 days, we begin moving the cattle every 5 to 10 days to new pastures. This continues throughout the season.