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Focus Ranch is the perfect place to gather all your family! My parents, brothers/sisters and our families live in different states and we meet at Focus Ranch every couple of years There are activities for every age and the cousins have the freedom to PLAY! From horseback riding, swimming in the river, fishing and just PLAYING outside. We never have to hear the words “I am bored”. The food is homemade and served family style and the best part is not having to decide what to eat for 7 days. We have met so many great people over the years and our children will have happy memories of herding cattle, playing games on horseback, feeding farm animals and spending quality time with their cousins.

Sharon K. 

This is hands down the best place to get away from it all and slooowww down. Focus Ranch offers the perfect balance of activities and relaxation because I can do as much or as little as I want. Horseback riding, tagging along with the ranch staff on various projects, long walks, sitting by the river, or lounging on the front porch reading a book are a few of my favorite activities. When I don’t think I can read one more email or stand one more car alarm going off (I live in San Francisco) this is the place I want to escape to. It is so peaceful and the scenery is breathtaking. Not to mention, experiencing a summer thunderstorm here is like winning the lottery. Some people have family pictures at their desk…I have pictures of the Focus Ranch pasture and barn at mine. Heaven on earth!!

Michelle R. 

What an amazing place this is. So beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for sharing your home with us. We look forward to many more visits in the future.”

Tim, Madelyn and Lindsay R.


“Thank you so much for showing us more about the life on a ranch. We enjoyed our stay so much and we won’t forget this time here. Everybody was so friendly and peaceful. The meals here were always great. We loved it.

We wish you the best.”

Florian, Nicole, Mischa, Julia, Guido W.


“Over 40 yrs. & Focus just keeps getting finer. What great times, What great folks, What a wonderful spot on earth. Your hospitality & friendship means so very much to me & I have enjoyed every visit. The fishing is even better than ever with your care- some things do get better with time – And I really look forward to the next time!”

Cliff W.

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