"A real working cattle ranch in the mountains of Colorado & Wyoming"

USA TODAY … “10 Great Places to be a cowboy”

A Working Cattle Ranch…

Focus Ranch is historically one of the original working cattle and dude ranches that invited guests to share in the day to day activities. It officially opened its doors to guests in 1938 although prior to that, friends and  relatives would visit the ranch each summer. When it became more important to make money to pay the bills, guests were charged for their stay.

Horseback riding and cattle are the hallmarks of Focus Ranch. The horse is used in the manner for which it was bred, to work!

We Are Unique…

Ranching for tomorrow is a big part of what drives our management plan. We believe it is our responsibility to take care of natural resources in a way to maintain them or make them better.  The impact of our actions might be noticeable in our life time but the future generations will definitely benefit from those that are sustainable.

2021 Focus Ranch

Plans For The Season

We are proceeding ahead with plans for our 2021 season and will remain open to options as conditions dictate. With the Covid-19 Pandemic still posing challenges, our plans are to run the cattle ranch per ususal. Our yearling cattle our bought and on pastures in California, to be trucked here in May when conditions permit. We are not certain about taking guests this season but are entertaining the possibility of being selective with a few repeat guests and following CDC guidelines to minimize risks to ourselves and our staff. The situation is fluid and we will revise our plans as conditions change, hopefully favorably.

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