"A real working cattle ranch in the mountains of Colorado & Wyoming"

USA TODAY … “10 Great Places to be a cowboy”

A Working Cattle Ranch…

Focus Ranch is a traditional working cattle ranch that invites guests to share in the day-to-day operation of the ranch.

Horseback riding and cattle are the hallmarks of Focus Ranch.  Yet, the remote features of the ranch offer fly fishermen, photographers, hikers, naturalists, fitness enthusiasts – to name a few –  unique opportunites to pursue their interests in a pristine setting.

We Are Unique…

Ranching for tomorrow is a big part of what drives our management plan. We believe it is our responsibility to take care of natural resources in a way to maintain them or make them better.  The impact of our actions might be noticeable in our life time but the future generations will definitely benefit from those that are sustainable.

2019 Workshops & Clinics

2019 Special Weeks at the Ranch

We are excited with our 2019 offerings, which allow our guests to take a ranch vacation and participate in a clinic or workshop. We receive our cattle around the middle of May and until they are shipped, the horseback riding focuses on cattle management. During these “special weeks” riding as well as the other ranch activities are available and daily schedules will be flexible so there is no missing out! This provides a perfect opportunity for vacationing with friends or spouse when interests differ.

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