Fly Fishing Clinic 2019

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Fly Fishing Clinic with Wayne Beverly

July 7th- July 13th, 2019

Wayne Beverly -Little Snake River

Regular weekly rates apply and all ranch activities are included…other clinic dates or guide services available  upon request !

Wayne Beverly will be offering the fly-fishing clinic in 2019. Many of you might wonder what happened to Cliff Watts as he has been doing this clinic for years. Well his priorities have changed this year with the expected arrival of the first grand baby in early July. Cliff will be available from time to time for guiding with advanced scheduling and as long as it does not conflict with scheduled baby visits. We are very happy for Cliff and Nancy- the proud grandmother to be!

More About Wayne:

Wayne Guiding to Success!

Wayne Beverly grew up in Colorado and has been fishing the Little Snake River and its headwaters since he was a toddler. In addition to Colorado Wayne has fished a variety of western waters in New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.  More recently he’s expanded his fly fishing horizons to include salt water destinations such as Christmas Island, Mexico, Belize and Cuba.  Wayne has introduced a lot of people to the sport and the friendships that grow out of learning from and teaching others while spending time together in beautiful places has become his favorite aspect. Incidentally, Wayne is also our neighbor to the east on the Little Snake River.

About the Clinic and the Week:

Whether you are new to fly fishing or just needing some tips, this clinic is designed to tailor the content to participants’ needs -providing practical experience. It covers a broad range of skills-novice to experienced. Those who want a thorough introduction to the sport, will receive hands on instruction. Those who are already proficient, may benefit from his guiding skills.  Topics to be covered include: fly casting techniques; gear; knot tying; trout behavior; water entomology and flies; river anatomy; fishing strategies, catch and release and trout fishing techniques.

  • Half Day Classes with the other half of the day for fishing or other ranch activities
  • Classes limited to 6 people
  • 5 half days of instruction
  • 5 half days of fishing at Focus Ranch in the Little Snake River
  • (1 full day trip to nearby waters if that fits)

P. Bradley’s Rainbow
photo by C. Watts

Half Day Class Schedule:

  • Day1 – Fly Casting Techniques
  • Day2 – More on Casting, Gear, and Knots
  • Day3 – Trout Behavior, Water Entomology and Flys
  • Day4 – River Anatomy and Fishing Strategies
  • Day5 – Trout Fishing Techniques
Christopher's Trophy!

Christopher’s Trophy!

The flow of the scheduled programs will depend somewhat on participant’s knowledge and skill level —- as well as the local hatches, best fishing time of the day and everyone’s self-control. “Practicing can only be done so much, and then you just have to go fishing. It’s a great excuse to drop out of any class! Where and when we fish will be weather and water dependent”.  Participants will be emailed a list of equipment that they need to bring to the ranch including rod, reel, waders, flies and other gear.